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『 飲 む 植 物 園 』

Catering that creates an emotional experience

Gorgeous space + original cocktail + experience of picking herbs by yourself

1, plants that fill the space
But it's not just a decoration, it's filled with edible flowers and herbs.
2, pick herbs
Upon receiving the cocktail made by the bartender, the guest picks his favorite from many flowers and herbs and completes the cocktail himself.
3, your own cocktail
Brilliant cocktails add color to the atmosphere of the venue, and the cocktails you create will be a catalyst for conversations between guests.

" Drinking plantation garden"

styling by Sekine Tomoiki × edalab.


1000 yen x number of cups

Transportation fee, accommodation fee, shipping fee, glass rental fee are not included

[Flower decoration]

Plum plan

Flower decoration: 100,000 yen / 1800 x 450 mm
* We will not give gifts of used plants.

Bamboo plan

Flower decoration: 100,000 yen / 1800 x 450 cm ~ 2500 x 450 mm
* Except for some of the used plants, they will be presented to visitors.

Pine plan

Price: 200,000 yen ~ / 2500 x 450 mm or more * Except for some plants, we will present them to visitors.

We also support simple arrangements.

The size is a reference for the range we can arrange

Transportation expenses may be charged separately, and other expenses may be charged if the distance is far.



Food is not included in the plan, but please contact us if you need it

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