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1. grilled eggplant, black koji, shojin dashi, red wine
    fig leaf, cacao husk, sake, gin

2. squid, japanese radish, ginger, celery vinegar,    

    sage leaf, lacto-fermented sake, gin 

3. eucalypus, mackerel, pineapple, spices, celery vinegar,    tepache, mugi shochu, vodka


1. vegan crape with Jerusalem artichoke

2. toco
    salsa mole with kelp
    grilled eggplant, white sesami, salt koji

3. fried radish cake


[ 3 cocktail tasting 4500yen ]

・If you have any allergies or foods you can't eat, please let me know,
・Extra cocktail is 1100yen

・Normally we are open for only reservation. You can have a table when we don't have reservation. 
・We give a priority to guests with reservation. So we may keep you waiting.

1. wax gourd, grape, sansho, smoked tea  
   lacto-fermented sake, vodka

2. squid, japanese radish, ginger, celery vinegar, 
   sage leaf, lacto-fermented sake, gin


3. osmanthus, potato, pear, sea weed
   sake, whisky


4. lamb bone, lamb meat, deer meat, apple
   chinese tea kombucha, red wine, gin


5. chichamorada, black berry, diving beetle
   mugi shochu, pisco


6. oyster, gingko berry, gingko shell, banana, white koji 
   chinese cabbage, sake, gin


7. eucalypus, mackerel, pineapple, spices, celery vinegar, 
   tepache, mugi shochu, vodka


8. incense ash, Jerusalem artichoke, sweet potato, tarmeric
 imo shochu, gin


9. geranium, mountain mint, crab, wax gourd skin, mikan 
   lacto-fermented sake, vodka


10. red snapper, espresso, ma-gao, spice, red wine

11. chicken liver, boar, black koji
     coffee kvass, nepeta, vodka


12. dry aged plum, fig skin, fig leaf, chinese tea kombucha  
     red wine, lacto-fermented sake, gin


13. rice bran, carrot, unstraind sake, cedar needle
     rice vodka


14. mushroom, beets, ancient cedar wood
     20years aged sake, gin


15. grilled eggplant, black koji, shojin dashi, 
     fig leaf, cacao husk, red wine, sake, gin


16. cod milt, gardenia flower, chinese red tea
     sake, gin

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