2017.05.07『HUMAN FLY』

思考を促すカクテル The cocktails that move your thought.

私が作りたいのはそんなカクテルかもしれない Actually it is the cocktail that I’d like to make.

『生』と言って出てくるものは恐らく99%私たちの想像通りのものだろう チェーンや大手の飲食店のメニューは今やほとんどが写真付きで、それもまぁ大抵は写真通りのものが出てくる If you say “BEER”, in almost every situations BEER what you imaged was served. Almost restaurants that especially big company is having give me menu with orderly photo.

それは『安心』を生む スバラシイコトダ That is perfect!! That gives me relieving.

でもそこに思考はない 想像も創造も伴わない However, that takes a thought from our life. However, that takes a imagination from our life.

聞いたことのない名前 想像もつかないカクテル そこにちょびっとだけのヒント We give you the cocktail that you have never heard. We give you the cocktail that you can’t image. But We give you a little hints.

さあ、ワクワクと思考しよう さあ、ドキドキと想像しよう Please think it with your curiosity. Please image it with your excited.

それがヒトの特権ではないのか It is human, isn’t it ?


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