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Why did nokishita711 come up with the idea of "All you can drink" business by reservation only?

nokishita711 [ liquid cuisine ] will be open by reservation only from 2021!

Why do we change the business model to "All you can drink", "reservation only and start at the same time", even though we are a bar?

「Why All You Can Drink?」

Have you ever heard of 'liquid cuisine'?

For any foodie, the answer is no.

Because it is a concept created by Tomoiki Sekine!

I will explain what liquid cuisine is another time, but the important thing here is that it is something that no one has experienced yet!

Enjoying a new experience is a challenge for all!

For example, even if you have just discovered nokishita711 through a chance encounter, or if you happen to pass by the restaurant and are curious about it, it is difficult to understand and enjoy liquid cuisine after having just one cocktail.

It is also difficult to assume a taste you have never experienced just by reading a menu or being told what to expect, so it is inevitable that you will find that the taste is different from what you expected when you try it.

Therefore, we came up with the idea of having people drink various kinds of cocktails in like a tasting-course, so that you can understand and enjoy the general framework of "liquid cuisine".

You may think that it would be better to have a course format where you enjoy a small amount of a predetermined item, such as a tasting course, instead of a All You Can Drink style.

But Tomoiki Sekine does not like to serve courses.

This is because one of the things that he values is "make a choice by yourself".

Choose for yourself. It may seem obvious, but we believe that it is actually quite difficult to truly make a choice based on one's own judgment.

To make a choice, you first need to know what each option is.

And to grasp something for the first time, you need to imagine what it is.

I mentioned earlier that I value "making choices," but in the true sense of the word, I believe that "imagining" is more important than anything else.

Imagine" does not mean to come up with the correct answer exactly.

What is important is the process of imagining, and comparing the actual thing with the imagined thing.

If you offer a tasting-course, the customer can have a cocktail without having to imagine anything!

Of course, you may look at the menu and think lightly about what it looks like, but the resolution must be lower than when you make your own choices and order.

And it is precisely because we imagine and choose for ourselves that the experience is deeply etched in our memories.

It is because I value "choice" and "imagination" more than anything else that I chose the free-flow format, where you have to decide what to order by yourself.

「Why start at the same time with reservations?」

You may think that it would be fine to have a business model that does not require reservations but must be free-flowing, without having to make reservations.

But there is another reason for the simultaneous start of a complete reservation system

We started the "Tea Party" together with the free flow this time.

After the 90 minutes of free flow, we will have a tea party with Chinese tea for everyone who made reservations at the same time.

When you hear that there is a tea party at the end of a cocktail bar, you can't help but feel that it is an added bonus (in fact, some people forget about the tea party and prepare to leave after the free flow is over).

However, it is this tea party that is the core of nokishita711.

First of all, the fact that it is a Chinese tea party is one of the key points to start at the same time!

Chinese tea can be enjoyed multiple times with a single tea leaf, which means that the person who serves the tea has to be present during the brewing process.

This is difficult to do in Chinese tea cafes, where you have to serve several infusions in a pot at once.

However, this does not allow you to enjoy the changing flavor of the tea leaves in each brewing, and above all, the time it takes to brew the tea.

I also believe that it is very important, especially at a Chinese tea party, to "talk together around the same tea".

Unlike a Japanese tea ceremony, we place more emphasis on "enjoying the tea and the occasion."

Therefore, Tomoiki Sekine believes that it is essential for everyone present at the event to share the same cup of tea and talk about liquid cuisine and Kyoto.

Please imagine.. brewing several cups of tea and making cocktails at the same time. It is terrible!!.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, "liquid cuisine" is a new experience for everyone!

Even if you can enjoy various kinds of cocktails by All You Can Drink, I think you still want to ask for an explanation from Tomoiki Sekine.

However, it is very difficult to give a good explanation when the bar is full.

Therefore, it is essential to have everyone, including Tomoiki Sekine, around the tea at the same time to talk with each other in order to further understand and enjoy the "liquid cuisine" that has been sensed and understood by those who drink it.

For these reasons, nokishita711 has chosen to operate on a "All You Can Drink and reservations only" business model.

We are not trying to provide entertainment for everyone. Please be prepared to make reservations accordingly.

Tomoiki Sekine will continue to make every effort not to betray that resolve.

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