It is an irresistible cup for cheerful drawing lovers

The laid-back, cheerful painting brings a calm air.



Was it made as a hot tea ? ..


There is a word "Tenkei" on the hill. It is the era name "Tenkei (1621-1627)" at the end of the Ming dynasty, but it seems that it was actually made at the end of the Qing dynasty.


Not only can it be used as a buckwheat noodle, but it's also cute even if you add a little bit of spicy sauce.

It is a size that you can enjoy various ways of using sake, wine, hot sake, on the rocks, cocktails, etc.


It is a vessel that makes me think that it is an important element for a vessel to pick it up and settle down.


Bar: Short cocktail

Restaurant: Amuse

Cafe: coffee, espresso, macchiato, tea


Material: Pottery

Size: W85mm / H70mm

Capacity: 170cc

Weight: 161g

Water leak: None

cheerful drawing cup / China / 19th Century

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