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It is a lacquer round plate made by the technique of weaving bamboo to make a base in Burma, Southeast Asia, and now in Myanmar from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. The currently endangered deer, the termin deer, that inhabit the area are depicted.

The pointillistic characters dug in the hill are the characters of the Myanmar minority, probably the name of a woman. It is recommended to use it in a dry state because it has cracks due to aging, but it is a confectionery plate. And coasters can be used without problems


Bar: coaster, small plate

Restaurant: Small plate, with tip

Cafe: Confectionery plate


Size: W13.5cm / H1.5cm


Weight: 40g

Water leak: None

Box: None


Deer pictured lacquer plate / Burma / 19th-20th century