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It is a woodblock (stamp) for block printing ,made in India.


The fineness of the many carved patterns is impressive.

Block printing is a traditional Indian printing method in which woodblocks (stamps) carved with fine patterns are used to manually print each pattern on the fabric, and all stamps prepared for each color are hand-carved. Made of


This time, the handle of the stamp is removed and it looks like a coaster.

It is also easy to use because it has a non-slip on the bottom.


I often ask my suppliers, "Are you making any print work? It's hard to say, "I'm using the coaster by removing the handle," so I'm always trying to keep it alive (sorry).


It may be such an evil use, but I hope you can use it as a glass coaster, a floor board, or a confectionery plate.

Most of the block stamps have the same geometric pattern repeated, but this is my favorite because of its organic design.

The balance between thickness and size is also good.


Bar: Coasters, chocolate floorboards, etc.

Restaurant: A single dish with a sash

Cafe: Confectionery plates such as baked goods


Material: Wood




Water leak: None

Block stamp / India / 20th century