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It ’s a small Soba cup.

I think it's just the right size for a sake cup.

Delicate but free and stretchy line dyeing is comfortable


The crossed grass pattern reminiscent of grass is a common design in Old-Imari, but even now it does not feel old-fashioned at all.


Imari's Soba cup has so many patterns, shapes, and sizes that it ultimately becomes a matter of taste.

This Soba cup is quite a point personally, so I'd be happy if someone with the same taste


Bar: Short cocktails, wine, straight

Restaurant: Sake cup, with advance

Cafe: Espresso, Macchiato


Material: Porcelain

Size: W75mm / H55mm

Capacity: 110cc

Weight: 83g

Water leak: None

Box: None

Small Old Imari Cup / Imari / Late Edo period