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Vietnamese dyed tea bowl flat tea bowl


The deep Vietnamese bowl that you often see is for the royal palace, but it seems that it was made as a miscellaneous item for the common people.

The iron glaze on the back of the hill is not painted, and it has characteristics very similar to Chinese tea bowls, and the base with white makeup is also different from the Chinese one.

It's not a deep-bottomed bowl like Vietnamese tea bowl, but it's rather rare.


This is my favorite dish

It is a vessel that you will become more and more attached to as you use it.

I really like the simple dyeing, the distortion of the rim, and the sand left in the tea pool.


Bar: Short cocktails, long cocktails,

Restaurant: Amuse, simmered bowl, small bowl

Cafe: Macchiato, coffee, latte, confectionery plate, light tea


Material: Pottery

Size: W135mm / H60mm

Capacity: 300cc

Weight: 186g

Water leak: None

Box: None

Arabesque Vietnamese Flat Tea Bowl / Vietnam / 18th Century