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It ’s a large rice bowl.

It may be called a bowl

However, it is a good impression that the slim and slightly tall hill and the feeling of the skin are not untidy.

Surprisingly, I think it has a charm that can be endured as a matcha bowl.

If it's a bar, I think it's fun to add a short cocktail and enjoy the margins.


The rim is small in two places and is kintsugi.


Bar: Long cocktails, short cocktails

Restaurant: Soup, amuse, pasta, simmered dishes, rice bowls, soba

Cafe: Cafe au lait, chai, granola, parfait


Material: Pottery

Size: W155 / H95mm

Capacity: 680㏄

Weight: 403g

Water leak: None

Box: None

Powdered Rice bowl / Nara / 21st century