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It is a hot water drink with unknown details


It looks like a child made it in a pottery class, but it seems to be a solid structure because it is baked without cracks even though it is so thick.


I don't know what is the correct answer. However, that's why it's a perfect opportunity to have a conversation with a customer, and if you think about that, you will naturally become attached to it.


I often used it for cocktails using matcha. The green color looks good.


Kintsugi is spliced on a part of the rim, which makes it even more interesting.


Bar: Short cocktails, sake, wine

Restaurant: Sake cup, with advance

Cafe: Espresso, Macchiato


Material: Pottery

Size: W90mm / H65mm

Capacity: 120cc

Weight: 375g

Water leak: None

Box: None

Drink made by "Kid" / Details unknown