It is a tubular tea bowl of a contemporary potter.

Details such as the author are unknown because it was not purchased directly from the person himself


It warps slightly inward from the torso to the rim, giving a somewhat feminine and gentle impression.

The glaze is thickly divided so it has a three-dimensional effect.

The hill is also low, so the very stable and calm appearance is a good impression.


Is it because of the whitish gray color? I feel that drinks made with milk such as latte and chai look good.

It seems that you can use cocktails such as long drinks using milk and hot cocktails.


Bar: Long cocktail

Restaurant: Soup

Cafe: Cafe au lait, Chai


Material: Pottery

Size: W 105mm / 100mm

Capacity: 550㏄

Weight: 346g

Water leak: None

Tube tea bowl / 21st century

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