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Bizen ware rice cracker plate, 9 plates set


I think that the person who named the rice cracker plate has a good taste.

It's about the size of a bean plate, but it's flat so it's easier to use.

I made it a color picture, but it is a mix of color picture and no color

It's fun personally that each pattern is different


There is only one small chip on the rim, but I don't think it's enough to fix it.

Everything else is complete


Bar: Snack

Restaurant: Pickles, tea

Cafe: Chocolate, baked goods, rice crackers


Material: Pottery

Size: W85 / H 15mm


Weight: 26g (1 plate) / 420g (box included)

Water leak: None

Box: Yes

Color picture rice cracker plate / Bizen / 19th century