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Booking information

nokishita711 [ liquid cuisine ] is now open for only reservation.

Please check more information about nokishita711 

Reservations are only accepted starting from 5pm~, 7:30pm~, 10pm~

【 All you can drink 

The content is "All you can drink" in 1.5 hours for 5000 JPY .

​You can freely enjoy the cocktails and mocktails. prepared on that day.

And after cocktail, let's enjoy tea time.​

【 About seats 】

There are 4 high chairs, 1 bench for 4 people, and standing.

You can't book seats. Basically first come, first served, but if you have a special reason, please contact us on the booking form.

You can move your seats on the way, so please take care of yourself.

【 attention about Free Flow Cocktail 】

Free flow is all-you-can-drink, but we do not think that it is profitable to drink a lot like all-you-can-drink at an izakaya.

Although it is a limited time, we have adopted it as a way to enjoy our expression more diversely than a la carte and more positively than the course.

Those who drink excessive amounts or are intoxicated will be asked to leave on the way (no refund will be given).

​ We are waiting for reservations only for those who can create our space that everyone, including yourself, other customers, and working people can enjoy more freely without difficulty.

【 About allergy and vegetarian】

we use various meat and fish to make cocktail. If you can't eat meat and fish, I can make cocktail without them as much as possible. But it is not for every cocktails.

【 Non-working day 】

December : 19th

January : 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th

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