The pottery can be more free

[ Antique nokishita] is an antique store run by nokishita711 gin & cocktail labo. In Kyoto.

With the locality of Kyoto and the increasing number of people coming into contact with antiques, we naturally started to serve cocktails in pottery.

After all, you can see the fascination of a vessel only by using it, and it grows by using it further.

It is very sad that many vessels, including many attractive matcha bowls, are currently being used less often.

Certainly how many people will drink matcha now? It will be very few

Therefore, as a bartender, I proposed a new way to use the vessel and launched this site thinking that I could increase the opportunities for the vessels to play an active role.

Enjoy cocktails and coffee in matcha bowls, and drink wine and espresso in soba noodles.

It's an evil way! I may be told, but I will continue to make new proposals.

More freedom for pottery and people


Shipping fee to Japan

Uniform throughout the country


~ 1KG 1000 yen

1KG ~ 1500 yen


For large orders, we will consult with you separately.


We will ship 2-4 days after your order is confirmed.


Shipping to overseas


~ 1KG 3000 JPY

1KG ~ 2.5KG 5000 JPY

2.5-4KG 7000 JPY

4KG ~ 10000JPY


We will ship within 3-5 days after your order is confirmed.


A large amount is required when the store opens.

I want you to look for something like this at this price.

We also accept requests such as as much as possible.

Please feel free to contact us


We also produce other stores.

Feel free to consult not only about the equipment but also about the interior.