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Extract-ology / 液体調理法

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Today, I'd like to announce new cocktail technique, called 『Extract-ology』.

I think Extract-ology is a part of Mix-ology, but Extract-ology is more focused on "how to extract the taste from ingredients to liquid."

Now I have been making cocktails with meat, fish, bug, vegetable, fruit, botanical and everything we can eat. I've been calling this new type of cocktail 『liquid cuisine』.

So Extract-ology is the method to make liquid cuisine.

I'd like to talk about concrete techniques of Extract-ology. I define it as the method of cooking ingredients to liquid. For example infusion, fermentation, low temperature extraction, distillation, boiling, juicing and more.

But it doesn't include the mixing method like shaking, mixing and throwing.

Do you know how to make clear and smooth liquid with peach or sweet corn??

I haven't used innovative and new techniques. But I've thought deeply about which techniques are most suitable.

As for making fruits liquid, I don't think that it is only the best answer to make juice by juicer and blender.

And it is important that it is the method to cook directly ingredients, not to use ready-made products, especially mixers(tonic, cola, ginger-ale, etc..), ready-made juice, ready-made syrup and liqueur.

Of course I use spirits and brew, because it is prohibited to ferment alcohol in bars in many countries.

But it is very very important that the taste of a cocktail doesn't depend heavily on the taste of those spirits and brew in the Extract-ology method.

We should take advantage of the characteristics of spirits and brew to make cocktails, but I think we shouldn't make them the key to the cocktail taste in the Extract-ology method.

I'm just challenging myself to make a new method "Extract-ology", so these are not absolutely factors. I think if there are bartenders and chefs to go along with Extract-ology. I'd like to enjoy creating this new cocktail method together.

I think the Extract-ology method has many of the same techniques as the cooking method.

So Extract-ology is suitable for chefs, not only bartenders. And also Extract-ology includes cooking methods, so bartenders can brush up your cooking skills, too.

Finally I'm thinking that if we'd like to use up one ingredient completely, we should have both methods, making food and making liquid. Because the best method to use ingredient is different for each part. So we need to get chef skills and bartender skills both.

When I'm thinking about that, the border between chef and bartender may fade away sometime. . it's just my thought.

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