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nokishita711 [ liquid cuisine / 液体料理 ]

We are making cocktails by extracting liquid from all ingredients including meat, fish, insect and plant.

・We are open for only reservation.

・You can book from 2:30pm~, 5pm~, 7:30pm~, 10pm. 

・5 cocktails tasting course + tea ceremony = 7700 yen

*In order to let you enjoy the new style of cocktails "liquid cuisine" more deeply, we have adopted tasting course. 

*Cocktails can be enjoyed in small quantities with low alcohol content. 

*All cocktails are served with each different snack.

*We have non-alcohol and vegan tasting course.

*After the course, we will have a tea party with Chinese tea for everyone who made reservations at the same time.

Please check more information on reservation page.


We will be closed for the guest shift in Taiwan, from May 31 to June 9.

Why we are open for only reservation.. 

※ If you couldn't make reservation on website, could you please send me a message on Instagram.

Liquid cuisine is a new style cocktail that Tomoiki SEKINE came up with.

We are making cocktails with seasonal ingredients including meat, fish, vegetable, fruits and botanicals.

It is our challenge how we make cocktails that bring out the full flavour of the


Umami from Katsuo dashi, 

Bitterness from sweetfish liver, 

Sweetness from green chili, 

Sourness by fermentation, 

Scent of lamb meat.

Gin, vodka, rum, tequila. Various alcohol is not the main part.

The main parts are various seasonal and local ingredients.

Alcohol is like  "oil" in cooking. Alcohol helps to extract the flavor from ingredients to liquid.


We almost never use ready-made liqueur, bitters, syrup and cordial.

That is totally obvious.

Do you know any top restaurants that use ready-made pasta sources and dressing?

It is a new experience for you to open the door.

Please enjoy new experience.

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