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・Perfume Tree Gin

 or Amazonian Gin Company

Sake / Hiyashibori

・Cod Milt

・Yuzu Peel

・Japanese Parsley

It goes without saying that cocktails came from oversea, but it seems that there was something in Japan that could be called a cocktail ( even if it was not called a cocktail at that time ).

"Ryu-in" is a combination of mirin and shochu, which seems to have been a staple drink of summer in the Edo period, and "Hire-zake" is said to have been born after the war (Hire-zake is warmed sake with fin of blowfish). It might not have been called a cocktail, but I think they are also great cocktails.

As same as them, I think about "Shirako-zake" as a Japanese cocktail, but maybe Japanese don't think of it as a cocktail. because it is usually served at a restaurant rather than a bar.

So I thought I try to make a twist cocktail of Shirako-zake.

"Shirako-zake" often uses blowfish milt, but we use cod milt.

Cod milt is cheaper than blowfish milt, and the cod milt has a richer taste than blowfish milt, so I think cod milt is better for cocktail.

I use "Perfume Tree Gin" which was born in Hong Kong, but it is not sold in Japan yet, so I hope you can use another one.

"Perfume Tree Gin" has a strong lily scent, so if you can't get the gin, I think it would be nice to use a gin with a similar scent. (We have a link to the Amazonian Gin Company) It looks good.

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