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Tomo Sekine's cocktail recipes are available for sale to download !!

One day, Tomo met a bear in the woods and learned the essence of cocktail making there.


However, after many years of training with the bear one day he tries to leave the forest, but the bear chased after him with a ferocious expression on his face.

What is his true intention? And the fate of Tomo?

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 If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.


"Umami cocktail was born"

When Tomo thinks about new cocktails, the theme is "umami and flavor".

He is always thinking about how to bring out the taste of ingredients as a liquid and how to arrange it as a cocktail.

Tomo is making cocktails from a slightly different angle from the existing cocktails.

For example, one of the features is that Tomo makes heavy use of animal ingredients such as fish and meat and soup stock techniques for cocktails.

However, he doesn't use much special equipment and hard-to-find ingredients.

So it is not difficult to have it reproduced. But It could take some time and effort

These are actual cocktail recipes, but these are not just as a "how to make cocktails". Tomo made these with the hope that it will be an inspiration for bartenders, baristas, chef, designers and all "someone everyone who is trying to create something new".

These are medicine? or poison?... Please follow the dosage and use correctly


・You can download our recipes as PDF files.

I have linked all the material that you will need on amazon. If you look at "INFORMATION" page, you can check the same brand or same product.

・ Recipe will be sold by STORES, so you will jump to STORES's website from the middle of the purchase procedure.( )

・ Please check cocktail recipes and information carefully before purchase.

fly me to the moon

Spices and unique flavor fish are my favorite combination.

It's easier for me to make a cocktail with strong personality ingredients rather than a neutral taste ingredients .

The main taste of this cocktail is the refreshing sweetness and sourness of pineapple, the aroma of spices centered on cumin, and the crispy aroma of m...





This cocktail is like mulled wine with dashi and Japanese herbs?

I often use "dashi" and Japanese ingredients. Japanese cooking is sometimes said like a subtraction, but my thinking of cocktail is like adding and multiplying. So the finished product is not like Japanese food.

To make stock, boil the sea bream head in..

# Keema curry

Beats, Rymes and Life

I often see animal fats used in cocktails such as fat wash, but I wanted to came up with a cocktail that  bring out the savory characteristic of meat umami.
I think that animal protein is the origin of deliciousness


By cooking the lamb in shochu at low temperature, the flavor of lamb meat is ..




#hamberger steak


This signature cocktail expresses the theme of nokishita, "umami and taste, blend into of liquid."

When I cook, I make the flavors with "umami × salty ". But when I make cocktails, I make the flavors with "umami × sweet and sour".

This cocktail is one good example.



How to use tea leaf for cocktails? Actually, it was an issue that i had been thinking for many years.

When I infused tea leaf in liquor at room temperature, it brings out the harshness of tea.

And when I infused at low temperature, it brings out the sweetness. But it also loses the aroma of tea .

my blueberry nights

#​blue berry

"A delicious cocktail at room temperature" was one of my goals.

If the cocktail doesn't have a good balance of taste, it won't be delicious at room temperature.

This cocktail is a cocktail that you can drink just by taking it out of the refrigerator and pouring it in a glass, like white wine.


When using fruits for cocktails, I don't want to make cocktails just like "Gin and Juice"

I'm thinking of expressing another charm of fruits, other then just eating or drinking them as fresh juice.

And I want to discover new combination with ingredients.



old time's sake

It goes without saying that cocktails came from oversea, but it seems that there was something in Japan that could be called a cocktail ( even if it was not called a cocktail at that time ).

"Ryu-in" is a combination of mirin and shochu, which seems to have been a staple drink of summer in the Edo period, and "Hire-zake" is said to have been born after..






This cocktail is a fairly old cocktail in my career, so it's simple to make.

It's not on the menu now. But It's a memorable cocktail for me.

The anise scent is not familiar to Japanese people, but I love it.

Black sambuca is an Italian liqueur that isn't popular even at bars in Japan, but I think that, to Japanese, it's easier to drink..

#​ume shu


9 Recipes Set

fly me to the moon / selfish / Beats, Rhymes and Life / MODERN TIMES / opium / my blueberry nights / be encouraged / for old time's sake / ALL EVIL

​9 cocktail recipes SET





I don't really like cocktails such like "Tom Yum Kung cocktail". I think it is boring to make cocktails that just mimic dishes.

However, in the case of for me, I'm always inspired by the combination of individual ingredients rather than the hole taste of the dish.

I remember eating a dish made from "chicken liver + eggplant + chocolate" ..

coming soon


secondary ingredients

Secondary ingredients such as dashi, tepache, and shrub are open to the public.

Of course, if you buy a cocktail recipe, it will be included there as well.

I hope you can use it as a hint for your daily creations.


Katsuo Dashi

Katsuo dashi is the most popular soup stock in Japan. Combination of inosinic acid in dried bonito and glutamic acid in kelp are the heart of Katsuo dahi. 



Originally a Mexican fermented beverage It made from lactic fermented pineapple skin. In Mexico, it seems that they are put in a large jar and buried in the ground.


Kombu Dashi

Kombu dashi is kelp soup stock.

"Kelp" can be said to be the king of umami, but I think it is a difficult ingredients when you use in cocktail. Since kelp have stronger umami and fishy flavor, people may feel these flavor too strong.  


Mandarin Tepache

It is an application of Mexican Tepache

I think that tepache can be applied to various fruit skins, so please try it out.



Ponzu is soy sauce with citrus and dashi.

Every year during the Yuzu season, we prepare for one year. Surprisingly, some people use the skin but not the juice, so I ask them to give me only juice.


Boiled Mackerel

I think if you can cook raw fish, you are so handsome. So please try to cook in this opportunity.

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