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Tomoiki SEKINE

New and different thing make me free. Because it break my stereotype and prejudice. 

セキネ トモイキ
古物商 / バーテンダー

nokishita711[liquid cuisine / 液体料理]
The Roots of all evil.を手掛ける。

既存のカクテルという概念を超えた肉、魚、野菜などの食材を積極的に使ったカクテル『Liquid cuisine / 液体料理』を提唱する



Tomoiki SEKINE​

nokishita711 [liquid cuisine / 液体料理] / The Roots of all evil. (FOUNDER) 

GIN Festival Tokyo (ORGANIZER)  

Tomoiki is a bartender in Kyoto. He has proposed new cocktail category  [Liquid cuisine] and new cocktail technique [ Extract-ology].

He cooks fresh ingredients, including meat, fish, vegetable and bus, to liquid and makes cocktails with them.

Liquid cuisine and Extractology will expand bar & cocktail culture.

And Tomoiki is also antique collector. He have been collecting antiques especially from Japan, China and Korea.

He use those antiques for his cocktail and bar interior.

It would also expand possibility of antiques.

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