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Gin / Wilkinson Gin 47.5

​ or Colombian aged gin

Imo Shochu / Yasada

・Karin ( Quince )

・Japanese Mandarin

・Egg white




White Anko

・Mandarin Pomace

Shiratama Ko

Kaffir Lime Leaf


When using fruits for cocktails, I don't want to make cocktails just like "Gin and Juice"

I'm thinking of expressing another charm of fruits, other then just eating or drinking them as fresh juice.

And I want to discover new combination with ingredients.

​So I like to make cocktail with fruits like Karin(quince) that cannot be eaten as they are.

When asked, In the first place, "What is your favorite fruit? I will answer "Karin" without hesitation.

So I look forward to every fall for Karin season.

This cocktail uses imo shochu (sweet potato shochu), but Yasuda has a very unique flavor and i recommend.

The combination of floral type imo shochu like Yasuda and agave spirits with strong smoky nuances is a favorite for me, so I would like you to try it. It's delicious even if it's not mezcal.

When I tried to bake the mandarin oranges, it tasted like a roasted sweet potato, and I was surprised to see a completely different side from eating it as it is.


For snacks, we make Nerikiri, a kind of wagashi (japanese sweets),  using the squeezed pomace after making the roasted orange juice.

It is very easy to make Nerikiri with the juice pomace and Nerikiri-ko or Shiratama-ko. It is a versatile method, so I would like you to try it.

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