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Gin / Wilkinson Gin 47.5

Or Christian Drouin Le Gin

Mugi shochu / MUICHIMON

Cinnamon Cascia

Black pepper

Cane sugar

Sweet vermouth

・ Lamb meat (with bone)



・Japanese Mandarine peel





・Bread crumbs

・egg yolk

Coriander seed powder

Cinnamon powder

Nutmeg powder

White pepper powder

Sage powder

Paprika powder


I often see animal fats used in cocktails such as fat wash, but I wanted to came up with a cocktail that bring out the savory characteristic of meat umami.

I think that animal protein is the origin of deliciousness.

By cooking the lamb in shochu at low temperature, the flavor of lamb meat is transferred, shochu also removes unpleasant smell from the lamb meat.

The point is how to heat the meat.

If it is completely cooked, the taste of red meat flavor will be lost, so the point is to finish medium rare (slightly pink in the middle).

We don't have a low-temperature cooker, so we use an open flame or a water bath, but if you have a low-temperature cooker, you can easily control the temperature.

I used lamb meat this time, but you can use the same method to make cocktails that has red meat flavor even if you use other types of meat such as beef and other game.

However, I don't think this is the only method, so I will keep exploring.

The snack is hamburg steak. It is made from the lamb meat after making the cocktail.

Leftover lamb meat that was cooked in shochu can be used for hamburg steak, minced meat cutlet and other dishes.

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