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Gin / Wilkinson Gin 47.5

​ or Black tamato gin

Mugi Shochu / Muichibutsu

Awa Bancha

Poppy Seed


Dry Tomato

Apple Vinegar

Cane Sugar

​・Egg White


​・Paprika Pomace

White Anko

​・Neri kiri ko

How to use tea leaf for cocktails? Actually, it was an issue that i had been thinking for many years.

When I infused tea leaf in liquor at room temperature, it brings out the harshness of tea.

And when I infused at low temperature, it brings out the sweetness. But it also loses the aroma of tea .

I tried and failed many times in the end the answer was very simple.

This cocktail was completed like this.

Since then, I've been using a lot of different kind of tea leaf to my cocktails.

Awaban-cha is a type of lactic fermented tea.

This tea is made by kneading tea leaves, putting them in a tub, and fermenting them with lactic acid bacteria.

It has a unique sour taste and aroma, and I personally love fermented tea such as Awaban-cha, Goishi-cha, and Pu'er tea, so I often use it for cocktails.

I found the technique of making paprika consomme in a cookbook. It surprised me. I also used dried tomatoes to enhance the umami in my cocktail.

I think that it is a very good combination of the umami of vegetables and the sourness of Awaban-cha.


Snack is Neri-kiri, it is one of Wagashi. It is very easy to make, and also easy to arrange with other ingredients. Please try to make Wagashi.

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・ Coffee filter

・ Coffee dripper

・ Blender / mixer

・ 1L tapper

・ 1L storage bottle

・ Pan

Low-temperature cooking machine

・ Grill net

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